Front-end dev

Ouch, heavy stuff here, WebGl, Canvas, HTML5, CSS3... Transcend our designs, develop mind-blowing animations and go fishing some awwwards. Yep, we go to war, are you in?

Web designer

Master Photoshop / Sketch for creative transcendent creations, meeting our requirement and the request of our clients. Beautiful program!
A book is a must!

Spontaneous application

Our jobs

Spontaneous application

Who needs rules anymore?

Our internship

Spontaneous application

Our internships

 At wibi's, our interns are employees as the others.

They will have the same pressure and they all have an iron will to reach the top. We grant them a structure, we push them to their limits and when they move out from our company, the have a true real good experience. In short, our interns are well armed to find a job! Still, to be fair, if they are really good, we keep them!