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Wibicom wibikô

More than an agency! A way of life

Wibicom is a creative communication agency, located in Brussels, specialised in digital communication and corporate identity.

Internal regulations

Interpret the needs and appropriate them as if we were in the shoes of our clients.
Always ask the question: why?
Think Design and show emotional intelligence.
Go beyond the brief and always go beyond yourself.
Put a beer back on ice when you have one.
Stay humble but always be proud of the journey.

Of course, each project is unique, but it is part of a very specific methodology, just like the construction of a house

Need or problematic
Interpretation of the need
Strategic planning and action plan
Operational implementation
Monitoring and results

Need or problematic

It is indeed quite rare that we are contacted because everything is fine... A need or a frustration is often perceived by the customer and pushes him to contact us.

Interpretation of the need

This is where you will see the difference between implementers and a partner. A need not translated into action can result in inconsistent and dysfunctional communication.

Strategic planning and action plan

Once your world has been mastered and the message translated so that your target audience becomes sensitive to it, it is up to us to set up a hierarchy of actions to be undertaken.

Operational implementation

The graphic, technical and strategic implementation in due form. Each key step is prepared in collaboration with our clients, they can follow the project at any time and we provide feedback on each step.

Monitoring and results

Digital can be unglamorous and above all quite perfectible, our aim is to show you that consistent communication is effective. Apart from the overall feeling, a numerical support of the R.O.I remains an undeniable.

The wibiteam

An eclectic team, but closely linked by a common animation.

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