Let’s be clear here, we didn’t lie to you.

Being an intern at Wibicom, it’s accepting being subject to the same KPI than our employees but this is too a big opportunity to take benefit of whole our expertise.

We want you to be independent, smart and efficient then you will see, together we will achieve astounding things !


It's time to unleash Linux and some beers, the behind-the-scenes magicians are in the spotlight. They manage the connections of the front with meticulousness, precision and ensure as a good father that his children play safely in the garden.

You need to be fast, smart, efficient and know how to handle stress and emergencies.

Confess, you’ve always liked the Legos... We make bigger ones here ...


The front is not only in charge of the responsive, he sets up animations and sublimates the work of the webdesigner. Always scrutinizing the latest trends and downloading the latest "scroll bar" of the moment, these misunderstood artists are no longer here.

You need to be attentive, optimistic, inventive and you have to be a bit talented.

Aren’t you tired of animating this 3D sphere? We mean ... seriously?


The webdesigner is specialized in creation of web pages (no shit). On the other side, our webdesigners are artists. They are able to understand the needs of our customers and define their visual identity while transcending their vision…

You need to be attentive, receptive, creative and let’s be fair here, a bit talented.

The core of our business, do you realize you will create new trends ?!

Branding / Graphist

A graphist is a graphic designer able to imagine and conceptualize a message to deliver it trough the visual. Feelings trader, our graphists are able to offer you more than a message, a real experience…

You need to be sensitive, visionary, smart and a bit crazy ;)

Invite our customers to a beautiful trip, come on gogogo!

Project Manager

The Pm is our driver, the intermediary between the production and the customer. He is in charge of the well-being of our projects by respecting the delay and budget. He manages the planning of our agency and take care that each member of the team doesn’t have any issues crossing his path.

You need to be accurate, organized, polyvalent and always focus.

This is not an easy job, but damnit you are player one dude!

Spontaneous application